About Us

The North America Human Resource Management Association (NAHRMA) was founded in 1997 by the national human resource associations of Canada, Mexico and the United States. The Association is the North American representative body for human resource management, representing more than 300,000 human resource professionals and the interests of the human resource profession in North America. NAHRMA maintains contact with its member organizations and with other national and international organizations active in the same or similar fields. The Association seeks to advance, on a non-profit basis, the interests of the human resource profession, improve the quality and effectiveness of professional human resource management, promote and develop knowledge of human resource issues and the importance of such issues to public and private sector organizations.

The NAHRMA's Executive Committee and Delegates for 2016-2018 is composed of:


                                                                    EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE


              Shannon Railton                      Henry (Hank) Jackson                    

                 Shannon Railton                       Henry (Hank) Jackson                       Ismael Sanchez

                      President                          Immediate Past President                 Secretary/Treasurer




                Anthony Ariganello                     Neil Coombs

                 Anthony Ariganello                           Neil Coombs




             Claudia Raunich                                         Pedro Borda


United States


                    Robert Garcia




The NAHRMA Secretariat is responsible for providing support to the Executive Committee and Delegates, to include the organization of the Board meetings; requests of information, and the design and administration of the NAHRMA website.Currently managed by SHRM.

Contact the Secretariat at: 
Society for Human Resource Management
1800 Duke St.
Alexandria, VA 22314 USA
Tel +1 703 535-6035